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pag_startOrk-idé AB is a Swedish based company providing coaching, education, organisational process management, research and project development as services for companies, municipalities and other governmental bodies to help them with sustainable development and transitions.

The name “Ork-idé” is Swedish wordplay, where the words for strength  and idea combined make the word orchid. This symbolizes our company, we work symbiotic with partners and clients, we provide the ability to formulate ideas and bring them to realization. Sustainable development as a continuous process is our main guideline. It is therefore obvious that we put a large emphasis on quality in our work. Thanks to our international background and experience, we can deliver unexpected points of view or examples into any project, process or challenge. But at the same time, we’re down-to-earth, providing services that work today and tomorrow.

We basicly have three fields of expertise which cover all levels of sustainable development.

  • PLAN: Our background as researchers, planners and strategist enables us to provide a range of services for formulating policies and strategies. We have specialized in issues regarding sustainable (regional) development, town planning, traffic, tourism etc.
  • GREEN COACH: We coach companies and governmental bodies to take the step from vision towards implementation, creating enthusiasm, finding existing skills and if necessary show examples, experiences and methods that might be fitting.
  • UPPTÄCK: We use nature as a main source of inspiration when it comes to training, environmental education and guidance. ”Upptäck” means to explore, discover, learn and experience. Our main outlet is experiencesweden.se .

Don’t hesitate to contact us:

  • Mailing address: Blomsterstigen 10 – 380 52  Timmernabben – Sweden (no visiting address)
  • Telephone: 00 46 706 194 713
  • Email: pepijn(at)ork-ide.se